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Northwest Public Schools | October 26, 2021

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Home / School Communication Tools

As parents of our children we highly encourage you to look for these two communication folders in your child’s backpack. On a daily basis please look for this year’s Homework Folder. Inside it you will find anything your child has completed and can be left at home or some possible homework that needs to be completed and returned to your child’s teacher the next school day.

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We are also going to make every effort to send home very important information in this year’sTake Home Tuesday folder. Every Tuesday night please look for this specific folder in your child’s backpack. Inside of it will be information your teacher or I need you to read or possible sign and return. We greatly appreciate the PTO for purchasing these for us this year.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at school. 308-687-6475.

We will also be using Power Announce as much as possible to keep you informed of important upcoming events at school. To receive these text messages you must have given us permission in the office. If you aren’t receiving these and want to, please contact Brenda (308-687-6475)and she will get you all set up.

We are also going to do our very best to use this web site also. Please check back often as we plan to keep you informed here as well.

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