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Northwest Public Schools | May 23, 2019

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Letter From Principal

Letter From Principal

Cedar Hollow Parents and Guardians,

I hope summer is treating everyone well.  I just wanted to communicate with everyone about some happenings at Cedar Hollow over the summer and how much we are looking forward to getting going on 2017-18!

First, the exterior of our building is looking great!  The landscape work that Jason Harb did for us last year, made possible by the grant secured by Lauren Millsap’s wonderful efforts, really looks nice and will continue to make our school look inviting and beautiful for many years to come!  The interior has had some new carpet in a few rooms and paint in a few others, and our custodians are putting finishing touches on making sure the inside looks as great as the outside!

Many of you may have heard that Mrs. Brooks, our school secretary, and Mrs. Hahn, one of our aides, are retiring.  We are in the process of finding replacements for these two ladies, and feel good about our applicants, but we will certainly miss both of these ladies at Cedar Hollow.

One major change that will affect most everyone at Cedar Hollow is that we will be having a new math curriculum for our entire school.  There will be one for K-5, and one for 6-8, and we are very excited about both.  We think they will both be excellent additions to our school.  They will be different from the past, though, and especially in K-5, we want to make sure you as parents know how you can help your child best, so we will be having discussions before school with parents to let them know how they can help their child be the best math student they can be.  You will receive information on where and when these meetings will be as school approaches.  In grades 6-8, this new curriculum can be accessed online, and so we are going to allow our students to take their chromebooks home with them beginning this school year.  There will be a mailing coming to you this week telling you about your responsibilities with managing these chromebooks and how you can assist your child with these devices.  

Another change for this year in middle school is that all of our sports teams will be competing as one Northwest team.  In the past, our students competed with students from the other feeder schools in football, wrestling, and track, but competed separately in girls and boys basketball and volleyball.  This year we are all together in all sports and again that mailing will be going home to parents of seventh and eighth grade students this week.

So there are a few changes going on at Cedar Hollow, and we think all those changes are positive ones for your child.  The thing that will never change is our commitment to your child and his or her education.  If you have questions or concerns about these or any other aspect of your child’s education, please contact me at 308-385-6306.  Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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