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Northwest Public Schools | May 23, 2019

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Digital Citizenship Week 2017

Digital Citizenship Week 2017

In support of Digital Citizenship week and Connected Educator month, NWPS will participate in various activities to promote digital citizenship and creating a positive digital presence. The activities posted here will take place during the week of October 16-20.  As noted below, our NWPS Technology vision and goals focus on learning opportunities and communication via various forms of media. As we work towards these goals and encouraging students to be digital leaders, participating in digital citizenship week is a great way to model and practice these digital leadership skills.  All students and staff are encouraged to participate. Together we can model and promote positive digital citizenship and promote digital leadership in our schools and community!  Feel free to check out our Digital Citizenship Week website  for highlights throughout the week.

NWPS Technology Vision

NWPS fosters an environment in which technology enhances the educational process by providing rich integrated experiences that promote safe, responsible learning.


  • Provide access to technology-supported learning opportunities.
  • Foster infinite learning opportunities that are individualized and learner driven.
  • Communicate effectively through various forms of media
  • Be digitally literate and be responsible digital citizens
  • Use technology as a tool to prepare students to excel and adapt in the workplace, community and global society






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