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Northwest Public Schools | February 18, 2019

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Be Prepared!

Be Prepared!

This Spring Northwest Public Schools will again be doing district-wide online registration.  The process will be similar to last year however this year we will be utilizing Powerschool to do the registration.  If you are a parent of a currently enrolled student it is vital that you have a Powerschool Parent Portal Account AND have access to it.  If you don’t have a PowerSchool parent portal account, please contact your building secretary to get your student’s access codes before creating the account.  For assistance with creating your account, please refer to the Parent Portal Instruction Guide.  We would like everyone to have their parent portal account set up and active by March 15th so that the registration process, which will begin in April, will go smoothly. If you have any questions with the account setup, please contact your building secretary. We are continually updating and improving our processes throughout the District and are excited to use this enhanced registration process.

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