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Northwest Public Schools | May 22, 2022

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Letter From The Principal

August 13, 2020

Dear Northwest High School Students and Parents,

Welcome Back!!!! In my 39 years in education, I am so sincerely glad to be able to write that statement.  As a school, we have been through so much in the last 5 months.  We have experienced disappointments, heartaches and longing for human contact.  Never before have we endured so much both together and apart.  Hopefully, we have learned some things from this pandemic.  I, personally, have learned not to take the next new day for granted.  Each day is now special in its own right.

I have also been extremely grateful for the time spent here at Northwest High School with students and staff.  We need time to regroup and find a place at school where we can share our experiences and our hardships.  Our staff has an enormous capacity for caring and concern for our students.  We will work diligently to use this caring and concern for the best interest of our students and staff.  We all want to be able to bring students back to Northwest safely and keep them in a face to face environment for as long as possible.

We do need to be very adaptable, however, as this pandemic can and has taken some unexpected turns.  For example, we are starting the school year by encouraging students and staff to wear masks. This is a recommendation and not a requirement.  There may be a time where it becomes necessary for us to switch to an environment of mandatory masking.  We need to prepare ourselves for that scenario and also for the scenario of remote learning, if the need arises.

The teachers and staff of Northwest High School welcome back students with virtual open arms.  We want the very best for our students and know that all schools are at their best when we have students in our classrooms and in our halls.  We have missed the activity that students bring to the high school.  Northwest High School will do the very best to serve the needs of all students who come through our doors.

Tim Krupicka, Principal
Northwest High School

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