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Northwest Public Schools | June 15, 2024

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A March Note from Mr. Mazour

A March Note from Mr. Mazour

Parents and Guardians,

I want to thank all of you who were able to attend parent-teacher conferences in February.  We had great attendance and I know lots of great information was shared.  Thank you for your partnership with us in your child’s education, especially with the challenges faced this past year!

There have been many communication challenges this year. We are attempting to keep everyone informed, and want to let you know with confidence the events noted below will take place. 

-Kickoff Date for Fundraiser that we normally had in the fall – March 16

-End of Fundraiser Window – March 30

-Delivery of Fundraiser Product to Cedar Hollow – April 28

-Pig Races – we are confident we can have these in May! (For those new to Cedar Hollow, the pig races are a fun time when each class gets to race a mechanical pig against other classes.)

-Soccer and Track MS Parent Meeting – March 16 – 5:30 PM at Northwest

-First Day for MS Soccer and Track Practice – March 22

-4th and 5th grade trip to Lincoln – April 1 (5th grade did not get to go last year due to covid, so both grades will go.  We do not need parent volunteers.  Specifics regarding this will come from classroom teachers soon.)

-Intro to Kindergarten for incoming kindergarten parents – April 13 8:00 AM

-Talent Show – evening of May 6

-Vocal concerts (k-4 and 5-7 on separate nights) – We are planning two May evenings at Northwest High School and will notify parents when the dates are finalized.

-Field Day (K – 6) – afternoon of May 14 at Northwest High School

-End of Year Recognition May 19,  8th grade (8:15 – 9:15), Kindergarten – 4th grade (9:30 – 10:30), 5th grade – 7th grade (10:45 – 11:45).  

For those students in grades 3-8, we will have our state testing coming up in the next few weeks.  You may see it described as the acronym NSCAS.  This test will be slightly  different this year because information we get back will be somewhat limited. However, anytime we have an opportunity to find out how our students are doing both individually and as a group it is very valuable to us.  

One final note, on the news last evening there was a story on education and in it I believe they said that nationwide, only 44% of students across the country are receiving education (in school) full time at this time.  I am truly thankful that we are able to be in the classroom with your children supporting their education and making it as successful as it can be. 


Mr. Mazour

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