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Northwest Public Schools | August 9, 2022

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High School Supply List 2022/23

High School Supply List 2022/23


These are the items that a student should have for the first week of school. If possible, have these organized and ready to go on the first day.  If you have questions regarding these supplies, please contact Mr. Moser 308-385-6394 Ext. 5123 or at

  • 1 Inch Binder (optional)
  • Small Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (optional)
  • 4 – 2 pocket folders
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Colored Pencils
  • Colored Tab Dividers
  • Highlighter
  • Pack of Black Expo Markers
  • Loose Leaf Paper-College Ruled
  • Eraser
  • Ear Buds
  • Zipper Bag (used for storing pencils ect.)
  • Scientific Calculator (one of the following would be appropriate)
    • Texas Instrument TI-30XIIS
    • Texas Instrument TI-34
    • Texas Instrument TI-30XS
    • Casio FX82AUPLUSII
    • Casio FX115ESPLUS


Here are the basic items grades 10-12 will need: pens, pencils, whiteboard markers, highlighters, folders, binders, binder dividers, paper (loose leaf or notebooks), a basic calculator for math and science classes (ex: TI-30xiis,TI-36X, Casio FX-300ES unless in Calculus then a TI-83 or TI-84), a lock for their hall locker and locker room locker if they utilize the locker room.  Teachers will let students know of any specific items they may need on the first day of classes. 

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