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Northwest Public Schools | June 15, 2024

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January News from Mr. Smith

January News from Mr. Smith

January Newsletter

The second semester has started and we are already halfway through January.  I’m hoping mother nature has had it’s fun and the terrible weather is behind us!  My goodness that was a lot of snow.  The frigid temperatures did not help any.  Below you will find important information from different personnel within the school.  

Counselor’s Corner

Mrs Merritt and Mrs Smith have scholarship information that they want to make you aware of.  Click on the link to see the latest information on scholarships. FASFA and Scholarship Information  

Freshman Parents

Please click on the link for news pertinent to 9th grade parents.  January news from Mr Moser’s desk.  

Information for all parents and stakeholders

Our students finished our semester strong from an academic standpoint.  A little over 96% of our student body passed all of their classes.  I firmly believe that we are blessed with some of the best educators in the state.  When you combine that with students who work hard in the classroom and want to succeed, you get results like this.  Please take the time to give praise to your student(s) on having a great first semester.  

February 1, 2024 is our 9th grade orientation.  We invite all 8th graders to come get a glimpse of what it will be like to be a student at Northwest.  Doors open at 6:15.  During the first 45 minutes you can tour the school and meet our teachers.  We will then meet in the auditorium to start the program.  The evening will end in the main gym where our sponsors and coaches will have booths set up in order for your students to see all that we have to offer!  

March 26 is a very important day for us.  This is our major testing day.  We ask that all students make sure they are at school on this day.  Our 9th grade students will be MAP testing, sophomores will be taking the PRE ACT, and juniors will be taking the ACT.   Seniors will not be in school on this day.  Please make sure your student is at school.  

As always, if you have any questions feel free  to call the school or come visit us.  Our doors are always open.  It was a great first semester and I look forward to an even better second semester!  


PJ Smith