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Northwest Public Schools | April 21, 2024

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District Information

Northwest Public Schools is a Class III school that educates students Preschool through 12th grade. The total school system is accredited by the State of Nebraska Department of Education and the high school by the North Central Accreditation Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

The Northwest District serves students in five attendance centers, consisting of one preschool building, three K-8 buildings and one 9-12 building.  Those sites include Lockwood, 1-R, Cedar Hollow, St. Libory and Northwest High School.  As a district, the Northwest board feels it is important to continue a neighborhood school concept and assure students in the northwest area that they have the option of attending the neighborhood high school Northwest along with any of their elementary attendance sites.

Enrollment Information

As of January 2021, Northwest High School had a student enrollment of 711 students in grades 9-12.  Student enrollment in the three elementary schools was 714, and student enrollment in the preschool was 23. Total enrollment in the Northwest District was 1448.

Option Enrollment

Option enrollment forms are available in the District Office at Northwest High School, or on this website under forms. Option enrollment may only be exercised one-time per student from his/her resident district.  Parents are encouraged to fill out requests after September 1 for the next school term.  These applications are processed and accepted by date of application.

When scheduling for the next year begins, resident students are accepted first into their attendance centers followed by option students with siblings currently enrolled. Intra-district transfer requests and option students without siblings attending are evaluated based on the order in which the request was submitted to the District Office.  The earliest a request may be submitted is September 1 of the previous school year.

Again, parents are encouraged to complete these applications early as the Nebraska State Athletic Association has a May 1 cutoff date for high school option students to compete at the varsity level.

Student Activities

Participation in student activities is an important part of students’ lives during their formative years. Northwest Public Schools encourage participation in clubs, athletics, music, speech, drama, and journalism. Activities are extremely valuable and fulfilling experiences for students.

The students of Northwest can be proud of the role they play during the school year and the many successes they experience being involved in our activities program.  The support of our school/community promotes a positive relationship and encourages students to strive for excellence in their chosen activities. The objectives of school activities programs are to develop a positive self-image, understand how to cooperate with others, and be productive and contributing members of society.

LB470 Superintendent’s Pay Transparency (2022-23)
Superintendent Contract — 2022-24
LB470 Superintendent Transparency Notice 2022-23

District Building Boundaries
District K-8 Building Boundaries

District Correspondence
Annual Report 2020-21 (published December 2021)