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Northwest Public Schools | July 12, 2024

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Covid Update: 10/28/2020

Covid Update: 10/28/2020

October 28, 2020

NWPS Families and Community,

On Monday, October 26th, the Central District Health Department (CDHD) moved their “risk dial” for the three-county area to 3.1 or the low end of their severe level.  As we have shared throughout this COVID experience, we are in continuous communication with the CDHD and other state agencies.  We discuss our school protocols, data and community risks on a weekly basis at a minimum.  We will continue to monitor and evaluate our School Tier level protocols.

The Northwest Public Schools Return to School Protocol is built on a 4 Tier Model.  This model is separated into different specific areas of operation.  As we move through the school year, the District COVID team may place different areas of operation in different tier levels in an effort to maintain students and teachers in the classroom.  Our plan does not solely rely on the CDHD Risk Dial to determine the steps we take to mitigate risk.  The CDHD Risk Dial is only one piece of data and not the sole determining factor.

We continue to receive information from state agencies, other health directors and medical personnel that schools are the safest place for students. Our plan has been developed to maintain the safety of our students and staff.  Throughout this fall, we have seen some students and staff contract the virus, that number is considerably lower compared to the numbers reported by the CDHD for the community.  As of Wednesday, October 28th, NWPS has five active cases which is 0.30% of our total population.  We do have a higher number of students who have been quarantined due to a close contact exposure.  These higher numbers are due to close contact exposures outside of the school day.

As we have shared throughout this fall, NWPS will continue to keep the safety of our students and staff as a top priority.  Our District COVID team will continue to monitor levels within our buildings.  Our doors will remain open, so our students can come to a safe place each day and learn from the outstanding teachers and staff at Northwest Public Schools.

Dr. Jeff Edwards


Northwest Public Schools

COVID Letter to parents October 28 2020 (1)

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