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Northwest Public Schools | May 24, 2024

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Staff Resources


ESU10 Odie  – Workshop Sign-up homepage for ESU10
HAL Informational Packet – High Ability Learner Information
MTSS Support
NWPS Improvement of Instruction Model – .pdf file
NWPS OER – Open Educational Resources
Power Teacher – Teacher Sign in home page
Teachers Matter Most Instructional Resources

*MAP Testing Information
MAPS (Log in home page)
MAP Reports Reference- How to Interpret Each Report
NWEA MAP Proctor Tips – Step by Step
NWEA MAP Educator Help Center
NWEA MAP Testing Webinars

MAP Instructional Resources (for individualized instructional tips)                                                  MAP Reports (Title, Audience, and Purpose)

*Nebraska Department of Education Links
NDE Standards Instructional Tool
NDE Statewide Assessment
Setting up TestWiz- .pdffile

*Professional Growth Information
Professional Growth Digital Learning Form                                                                          Professional Growth Policy – .pdf file

*Data Resources


W-4 2022 – Employee’s Withholding Certificate
Form 13 (Updated Jan 2023) – Sales Tax Exemption form
ACH Form – Employees – Automatic Deposit Form
Staff Capital Campaign – Donation/Pledge Form
NWPS Expense Reimbursement Request                                                                                      School Visa Expense Recap – Employee

*Internet Safety Policy                                                                                                                        6800–Internet Safety Policy (Adopted July 2016)

*Mileage Information                                                                                                                 
Monthly Mileage Employee January 2023 (PDF)

*Negotiated Agreements

NWPS Negotiated Agreement 2022-2023

*School Lunch Information                                                                                                                  Lunch Wage Deduction
NWHS Staff Meal Order


Certified Staff Handbook 2022-2023 
Classified Staff Handbook 2021-22

Health/Dental/Vision Insurance

Vision Enrollment Form (pdf)
Blue Cross Blue Shield Information Website
EHA Health and Dental Enrollment Form
BCBS $3800 HSA Plan 2022-23
BCBS PPO Plan 2022-23
myBlue Flyer
Telehealth Member Flyer

Life & Disability Insurance

*Life Insurance
Madison National Life Ins Enrollment – Administrators
Madison National Life Ins Enrollment – Staff
Madison National Change of Beneficiary Form
Madison National Life — Evidence of Insurability Form
Life Insurance – Administration
Life Insurance – All Other Employees

*Disability Insurance
LTD Policy Certificate – Certified Employees
LTD Policy Certificate – Non-Certified Employees
LTD Application – Employee
LTD Application – Employer
LTD Application – Physician

Flex Plan

Flex Plan Overview
Register New Account

Calendar 2022-2023
Northwest Claim Form
File a Claim Online
File a Claim Mobile
Revocation-Change of Benefit Election


NPERS New Member Information
NPERS Enrollment – Beneficiary Form
NPERS VestingCredit Application
NE Schools Employee Retirement Handbook
403B Account Application
403B Model-Portfolio Information
403B Salary Reduction Agreement
403B Employee-Enrollment-Waiver-Form


EHA Wellness
Employee Assistant Program – Wholeness Healing
Safe Schools
Single Sign-on System for Changing Passwords
SUI Weblink (Check History/Leave Balance)
Time Management System (TMS)

Phone System

Staff Phone Extensions — Google doc showing phone extensions for all NW employees.  Tabs available for each buidling.
115 IP Phone Quick Reference  — a showing of the staff phone and what the buttons do and how the phone works
230 IP Phone Quick Reference — a showing of the administrator desk phone, with an explanation of buttons and how they work
Voice Mail Quick Reference — a quick sheet for retrieving and setting up voice mail and phone settings
Voice Mail —  a document of how to use voice mail and set it up


5506 – Safe Pupil Transportation Plan
3410 -Safe Driving Record Policy
3410ZA Driver Certification for Use of School Vehicles
3410ZB–Drivers–First Aid Procedures
3410ZC–Emergency Evacuation Procedures–Small Vehicle

Employee Accidents

ALICAP Accident Report – Employee
NE Workers Comp Doctor Choice Form – Employee
ALICAP Accident Report – Employer
NE Workers Comp Accident Form – Employer

Administrative Links

Updated Transfer Form 6-1-22